About Me

Stylist Yaya G.- Natural Hair Artist and Loctician 

imageUnique and Creative are words that best describe Stylist Yaya  G. Her love affair with hair began at an early age. She always watches her sister braid hair. As a teenager, Yaya always pushed the limit with her craft to learn how to make it perfect.  She would put her own spin on whatever style was popular at the time. She spent years experimenting on family, friends, which led her to start Cosmetology school during her senior year in high school.

During that time she made use of her weekends working in a salon and  learning more about her craft.  By summer 2012 she earned a stop in Kamoy Natural Hair magazine. Her 1st natural hair spread.

Has she continue to make a impact on that natural hair community by understanding the needs of her clients. Her creative ideas have sparked a level of confidence in women. Her styles are design to be versatile in many ways.

Yaya enjoys encouraging clients to embrace there natural, remember healthy hair is best.

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